To contact the Art and Design Department directly, please direct all inquiries to:

Hazel Augustin
University of Indianapolis
1400 East Hanna Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46227-3697

Office: (317) 788-3253

Art & Design Department faculty Art & Design Department faculty member works with students Professor Christine Bently with students in Art History class Professor Julia Taugner with VCD students Professor Nelson Wei Tan with VCD student Professor Jim Viewegh helping student in Painting Studio Professor Jim Viewegh helping student in Advanced Senior Studio Students and studio photography Professor Dee Schaad and Professor Donna Adams with students Students in ceramics workshop Professor Donna Adams in Printmaking

NASAD Accreditation

The National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) Commission on Accreditation has reaccredited the Department of Art & Design at the University of Indianapolis as a full member.

The Accreditation Commission Report included a Commendation: "The Commission commends the institution for its thorough set of application materials."

Summer internship in Singapore

University of Indianapolis Design Students Summer Internship in Singapore. Check out the making of here

Portfolio Scholarship

2012-2013 Scholarship Dates

January 18, 25 & 30
February 1 & 2

Read more about it here

Whatever your goals and interests as an artist, you'll find a home at the University of Indianapolis. The university's broad-based training allows our graduates to become successful in a wide variety of artistic pursuits. We attract a strikingly diverse body of art majors—from those interested in the fine arts to those who will one day serve as art directors for corporations—and we treat each student's interests as equally valid. Our goal is to provide you with the tools necessary to pursue your artistic goals, regardless of the form those goals take.


  • Nearly 100 art majors
  • Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design
  • A visiting artist program, bringing guest artists to campus.
  • Monthly art exhibitions in two campus art galleries featuring local, regional and national artists
  • A permanent art collection of internationally known artists
  • Many opportunities for quality internships in the city of Indianapolis
  • One of the first non-toxic printmaking studios in the state


The Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center is a stunning example of the university's commitment to the arts. This facilitiy provides work spaces that are both beautiful and practical—spaces in which creativity can flourish. Its well-equipped studio rooms are graced with high ceilings, and natural northern light is incorporated wherever possible. Artificial overhead and spot lights augment the natural light to create the best possible working conditions.